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Moldavite Mines has direct access to the true source of moldavite. We are a leading supplier of moldavites having over 20 years experience mining and selling.

Apart from moldavites we are able to bring you many selected healing stones and minerals.

A massive meteor came through the atmosphere and struck the ground over Germany



The impact area is now known as the Reiss Crater in Germany

The meteorite struck what is now called the Reiss crater pushing back up masses of sand water etc and the fallout over The Czech Republic resulted in the formation of moldavites



Reiss crater map

This is the area showing where the meteorite landed and shows the size of the crater left behind.



Besednice moldavites

The small sleepy village called Besednice is where the most beautiful and rarest moldaites are found



A selection of my favourie healing stones, available to buy.

Stonehenge rocks..
other fine polished pieces


Please write to me for all prices and terms .



The stones from the famous stonehenge monument all come from the Preseli hills in Wales

Prseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestones

Polished bluestones
bluestone angel

Polished bluestones

The origin of bluestones

Origin of the bluestones

All stones are from the area where stonehenge stones came from.




Tumbled healing stones

We also have a number of other healing items for your pleasure .



Polish Zincite

Famous Zincite from the now closed zinc smelting factories  in Poland



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